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Security breach: Proactive measures to secure the future for toowoomba small businesses

Security breach: Proactive measures

Why is secure document destruction important?

You only have to turn on the 5 o’clock news to hear all the tragic stories about identity theft & severe confidentiality breaches. Identify theft is a multi-million dollar industry using highly advanced methods that require only 1 or 2 pieces of personal information to steal your identity. People & organisations have become so complacent in regards to data retention & destruction that it leaves you wondering… Are we safe?

In the digital age where our memories & lives are largely stored on computers or hard-drives, printed copies are still common practice in most businesses & organisations. This method means that our information is easily accessible & if the correct regulations & procedures are not followed, may fall into the wrong hands. This is why it is critical to have well-trained staff & a systematic, secure document destruction process in place using reliable vendors.

Document destruction policies & procedures

Document destruction involves shredding or de-identifying (render non-identifiable) documents to permanently destroy them, it may also involve the complete destruction of hard-drives as this is the only 100% secure way of destroying the information.

Documents that may need to be destroyed include business records, personnel records, medical records, contracts, office & archive files & video/CD/DVD’s, this must be done in a way that is compliant with document storage & destruction rules & regulations. Corporations are subject to a number of requirements under Australian law, to identify the correct regulations relating to your industry you will need to look up the appropriate Privacy Act & Australian Privacy Law and Practice standards, these also depend on the type of information to be retained or destroyed.

For the best level of assurance all unneeded documents should be shredded & fully destroyed on-site, employees need to be trained & aware of legislation & information destruction policies & procedures. It is wise to limit access to this data & appoint an employee in charge of data security management. Other practices to increase privacy include hard-drive removal or encryption, administrator passwords, temporary data overwriting & data encryption. Ensure confidential data is securely shredded, contained in locked paper receptacles & when hiring a vendor request a Certificate of Destruction as proof of service.

How can we help?

INFOstor by Taylor’s offer a range of services including scanning solutions, storage, data back-up & document destruction to ensure your data is handled with care & precision. INFOstor implements automated systems in our certified destruction processes & all measures are taken to complete this service in an economical way. After destruction you will receive a Certificate detailing the date of destruction, file/box bar code numbers & number of bins.

We guarantee:
  • Regulatory complianceConfidentiality maintained
  • Litigation protection
  • Client confidence
  • Risk reduction
  • Convenience
  • Staff productivity
  • Environmentally friendly

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