Toowoomba Document Storage

Data backup


Do you have a robust Disaster Recovery Plan?

Without an alternative back-up of its most valuable asset, it’s confidential information and records, most business would not be operational.

Off-site data storage means that your business records are safeguarded in a location other than your place of business.

To maximise convenience, data back-up and storage can be completed remotely or manually as frequently as is needed for robust business continuance, be it daily or weekly.

INFOstor’s secure, purpose-built facility in Toowoomba is protected with the latest infra-red beam fire detection technology.

Business managers can have the confidence that only comes with robust business continuity planning.

Data Backup Data Back-up Tapes

Data back-up tapes are collected from your office and safe guarded off-site at INFOstor’s secure, custom-built facility. They can be delivered back to your business or destroyed using our certified process.