Toowoomba Document Storage



INFOstor by Taylors has secure custom-built facilities specially designed and outfitted for confidential document and information storage.

Offering maximum convenience and retrieval responsiveness to businesses in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas, INFOstor storage facilities are located in Toowoomba.

All INFOstor facilities are securely protected by the latest fire and motion detection security devices in order to provide customers with the utmost confidence.

Security Security

To safeguard your business assets, INFOstor uses a combination of lock-up, remote monitored alarm systems and physical monitoring.

Fire Fire

A state of the art fire detection system using an infra-red beam and detector optics is installed in INFOstor storage facilities.

This is the latest in fire detection for protecting open areas with high ceilings.

The hard wired system undergoes regular testing to ensure quality compliance.

Barcodes Technology Barcode Technology

To readily locate files and boxes which can hold around 25 files, INFOstor utilizes a state-of-the-art barcode technology tracking system.

This patented software system is used in 700 records and information management centres in 42 countries.

How does it work?

All boxes that enter the INFOstor system are barcoded, scanned and processed.  The barcoding technology applied to each archive box, and if required to each file, creates a chain of custody; thereby ensuring accurate, efficient and streamlined access to all documents.

This process also enhances the client’s anonymity. The barcoding system allows the archive boxes to be stored randomly, creating anonymity in the storage facility.


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